Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekend Finds

It's still too early around here for a good solid morning full of yard sales.  I keep telling myself that everyone is spending this pre-season time cleaning out their garages and barns in preparation for opening day.  I did manage to pick out a few sales that looked promising and I didn't come home disappointed.  At least I didn't buy any projects!

Poole Silver Set
To polish or not to polish?  Hmm, I think NOT.  Maybe just a little?  What do you think?  One good thing about photographing tarnished silver is that my reflection isn't staring back at me.

Vintage Poole silver set
All four pieces are marked EPCA Silver Plate Poole Silver Company.  Does anyone know the name of this pattern?  I did a few searches and couldn't find anything.

I'll polish the tray, but not the creamer and sugar.

miniature Life magazine, Look magazine, Time Magazine
This pretty silver bowl and the vintage magazines were found in the bottom of a box.
Life, Look, New Yorker, Time, and Newsweek.  Look at the LOOK.  How about those feature stories!!

 No, that's not a giant penny...just a miniature tray and magazines.  They really were in the bottom of the silver set box and thrown in for free.

Lucite hand mirror
 This vintage acrylic or Lucite hand mirror has a double sided beveled mirror. 

vintage enamel table top magnetic board
This old 16" X 36" enamel table top makes a great magnetic board.  The front is white and in great condition except for one chipped spot, but I like this side better.  

vintage Valentines
Mother of pearl button magnets hold the valentines in place.

vintage valentines
You're the "write" type is my favorite vintage valentine, and a big thank you to Angie at Knick of Time for three of her free printable valentine postcards.

rusty old spring picture holder
Someone did the work for me and soldered this chippy old spring to a heavy metal base.  Rusted to perfection!  Don't you just love the color?

vintage photographs in a rusty old spring
Perfect for holding old photos like this happy looking group.

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