Friday, March 13, 2015

Jewelry in Progress

I'm testing out a new strategy in my whole jewelry making process.  Instead of working on one necklace at a time from start to finish, I thought I'd get a bunch of pendants put together first, then work on attaching all the chains.  Less clutter on my desk equals less clutter in my head!  I have a long way to go before I build up my inventory for my next big show in April, but this is a good start.

Bits and pieces of jewels glued to vintage style filigrees and a pocket watch face.

These tarnished brass stencils are only a couple of inches long.  I think I'll glue a few embellishments to some of them, punch a hole in the top of each one, add a decorative bail, then a chain.

I had a feeling I was forgetting something when I cut these spoon handles back in January.
  I was all set to polish and embellish them the other day, then quickly realized I forgot to drill holes in the top.  Back out to the workbench they go.

Ice Resin love!
It's better than any of the resins I've tried, but it takes some practice and I've made a few a lot of mistakes.
It's a two-part resin that must be measured in equal amounts so it hardens properly.  I won't even attempt a tutorial because I'm no expert, but there are plenty of good books and tutorials out there if you want to give this a try.  This is a helpful book Explore, Create, Resinate, and this website  is full of tutorials and general information.  I started using this stuff about a year ago, and I'm definitely addicted now!

I used pocket watch cases for these pendants, then glued bails on the back.

ice resin pendants
  I used little pieces of vintage lace in the bottom four pendants.  These bezels came with the bails already attached.

Ice Resin pendants
Pouring the resin in two stages makes it easier to get a nice dome on top without overflowing.  It also lets you add elements between the layers to give them the illusion of floating.

A few more pendants waiting in line to be filled with Ice Resin.  Warning:  Texting while working with this stuff can be dangerous!  Be sure to wipe any resin from your phone surface before it hardens.  Just sayin'.

What's on your work desk?

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