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Best of DIY - Repurposed Dresser Mirror Frame

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#BestofDIY projects
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Here's what I put together for the party.....
Repurposed mirror frame with chalkboard and shelf
It's come a long way since I found it marked as-is in an antique shop a few months ago. 
oak mirror frame
This is what I started with.  I think it came from a child's dresser because it's only 19" x 22".  
I love the wood, but it's patched in a few places and not in the best condition. 

How to build a chalkboard with an old frame
1.  I traced a pattern of the frame opening, then used my scroll saw to cut out the board and to round off the edges of the scrap wood shelf.  
2.  After applying a line of wood glue, I screwed the shelf to the bottom of the frame.
3.  To dress up the edge of the shelf, I added a strip of prepasted embossed wallpaper.
4.  I sprayed the board with two coats of chalkboard paint, then attached it to the back of the frame with small nails.  This was the final step after I painted the frame.

chalk paint and crackling with Elmer's glue
After I filled the holes, I painted the entire thing with chalk paint (the recessed area is a slightly different color), then I used plain old Elmer's glue to crackle it just a bit.

repurposed dresser mirror frame chalkboard stenciled cups
I found a bunch of these aluminum cups at a flea market a few months ago.  They were looking a little blah, so I stenciled numbers on half of them and letters on the other half.

stenciled aluminum cups
1, 2, and 3 are a perfect fit on the shelf next to the tiny watering can.

flower frog as a note holder
I'm too impatient to plant seeds, but this was a good photo op for the pretty seed packet.

mirror frame with chalkboard
My flower drawing skills haven't changed since first grade:-)

#BestofDIY repurposed dresser mirror frame with shelf and chalkboard
There's a hook on the back for hanging, and since I managed to get the shelf on straight, it also sits level on a table.  I'm ready for spring and ready to see all my plants in bloom.  What's blooming in your neck of the woods?

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#BestofDIY projects
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  1. I love this, Betsy! What a great re-do! I love that you have gathered all of these great DIY ideas in one place! I followed the Pinterest board and can't wait to browse the wonderful selections. So fun! :) Karen

  2. Betsy, it makes me endlessly happy that you rescue these treasures and send them off to live again. You are good medicine!

  3. What a great repurpose project!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Your shelfmirror is sooo fantastic and I am off to peruse all the other coolness. What a fun buncha diys!

  5. This is a great solution to a leftover piece... I love chalkboards and could have them in every room!
    Great project Betsy!

  6. Wonderful project! This chalkboard looks georgeous!

    Spring cleaners Chelsea

  7. Great repurposing Betsy-Love it!

  8. Betsy, love this repurposed makeover! What a pretty dresser and now an even prettier garden shelf! This would be perfect on my back porch!!!

  9. Nice, Betsy. VERY, very nice!

  10. This is really beautiful Betsy!

  11. How beautiful this makeover is! And there are lots of other great treasures to check out. Great party!

  12. brillant re-do!!! Only you could think of that, so gorgeous. I was going tolink a project but I'll wait until next week :) cm

  13. Great transformation of a lovely vintage piece Betsy. I think the paint accentuated the beautiful details even more.

  14. Such a beautiful redo Betsy!! Love love it!! Such a fun party!!
    ~Happy Spring!!~
    xo Holly

  15. Terrific idea! Turned out darling

  16. Wonderful makeover! I love the end result so much!

  17. Wonderful makeover! I love the end result so much!

  18. I'm with Jill, a great makeover. The little flower pots are a perfect touch.

  19. I love this idea! It's a great way to repurpose something that most people would pass by or throw away. You are going to enjoy styling this as the seasons change.

  20. So cute!! Love the shelf...perfect.


  21. How stinkin cute is that?? This couldn't have been reimagined any better!

  22. I love how this came out. Something new to add to my "hunting for" list. Many possibilities and uses!


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