Friday, March 27, 2015

Saturday's Treasures

I was out of town for three days last weekend visiting family and friends, but of course I still made time for some junking on Saturday morning with my mom.  My goal was to focus on stuff that didn't need a major makeover, just a cleaning and a few tweaks here and there.  Mission accomplished!

Junking Finds
Bargains galore!  The most expensive thing here was the old oval frame I found at Goodwill.  The metal stools are just chippy and rusty enough to add character without needing any work at all. 

1970s Replogle globe
I knew this globe wasn't real old, but the price was right and the stand is metal.  I dated it from the late 1970s based on this chart

This chippy old floor lamp has seen better days, so I'll replenish my lamp parts stash and use the pieces for other projects.

How could I pass up a tiny tray full of thimbles and a Harrah's sewing kit?  I'll make necklaces out of the plain ones, then sell the rest.

This sweet note is still taped to the back of the tiny tray. 

I spotted this little greenhouse from the street and managed to get my hands on it before anyone got close.  It's not old, but it's shabby and faded enough to give it real charm.

The Smith Corona typewriter from the early-mid 1960s is in perfect working condition.  What a bargain!  I'll use the fireplace tool stand to display necklaces, the vanity stool may or may not get a new pad, and I already added a pretty flower label to the plain metal waste basket.  I'm working on repurposing the rusty green rake, then I'll need to remove all the money I'm hoping to find behind the picture.

vintage chandelier crystals
Look what I found buried in a box of office supplies.  I was excited to buy dozens of pens and pencils, a load of paper, and some miscellaneous crafty stuff for $5, but it sure sweetened the deal when I got home and discovered 60+ chandelier crystals hiding at the bottom.

Yes, I love your font.  Now I'm trying to decide if I should keep you or sell you.  

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