Friday, May 15, 2015

Give Me a Sign

Last week I finished up several more signs that I'll be bringing to the Pleasanton Antique Fair on the 24th.  I enlisted the help of my Silhouette Cameo for some of the larger signs, then I made three more with my Old Sign Stencils from Funky Junk Interiors.   

Flea Market stencil on picket fence post
I used the Farmers' Market stencil for this sign.  With a little tweaking and taping, Farmers' became Flea.

#oldsignstencils flea market picket fence sign
I love using chippy old picket fence boards because they have a built-in arrow.  A few miscellaneous typewriter parts help direct the way to the flea market.  

My Salvaged Treasures Old Sign Stencils picket fence stencil
I taped off a few areas of the F to get an instant l.  Perfect for someone like me who makes a mess trying to draw a simple letter.

Old Sign Stencils coffee stencil on picket fence
This way -----> for COFFEE.   I used part of the Coffee stencil for this picket fence sign.

old sign stencils on chippy boards Farmers' Market Vintage Sign
I love the color and the natural crackled paint on these boards.  Perfect for the Farmers' Market stencil.

farmer's market stencil on chippy old wood vintage sign
This little sign was created with my Silhouette Cameo and attached with some rusty eye and cup hooks.  Let's go shopping!

Be sure to check out all the other fun stencil designs from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencil Collection.  Thanks so much for sending me these stencils to try.  I love them!!

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  1. These are a lot of fun, Betsy...they'll love them at the sale!

  2. Love these Betsy! Best wishes at the sale!

  3. I love your signs! I love to stencil as I stenciled my whole farmhouse back in the late '80's. I am going to check the site for old time's sake!

  4. Love these cute signs!!
    I have some old signs that I want to re-paint and re-purpose so thanks so much for the inspiration!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  5. Love the Flea market sign and the coffee sign and well...all of them! Great job!


  6. I love all your signs, Betsy! They turned out just great!

  7. I am so glad you pointed me to the Old Store Signs stencils - I am enjoying mine so much. Love how you turned farmers' into flea's - I'm sure they appreciated that.

  8. I love signs Betsy! In fact I have a Pinterest board titled, Give me a sign. : ) Will be adding these to it. Love the flea market. I think they will sell well! I recently found two vintage signs. One is wooden and says 'open'. The other is metal and says, 'year round'. Can't wait to use them!

  9. Those will sell fast for sure! You have more patience than I do when it comes to doing something like the lettering.
    Enjoy your evening.

  10. Awesome! The pointing pickets are perfect. Typewriter parts arrow? Only you!

  11. These are great! I'll have to hunt for these to make a marker for the cottage! Great fun!

  12. Love your signs Betsy! I really like the added cute little features on them too! Gives them such a cute touch! The old fence pieces are perfect! Love the coffee sign, speaking of coffee I think I need to go get some in my cup! :) Good luck at your sale this weekend! xo Holly

  13. They're fantastic Betsy - I'm in love with the smaller sign under the bigger sign - oh my gosh I have to copy that !

  14. Love the way you made your own L for flea market...great signs!

  15. While I was reading your post I glanced out the window...I have a bunch of the boards, unfortunately they're still attached to the fence!!! Great signs Betsy, I like how you think and do, use whats at hand and make it work...Beautifully Done. Loving that double sign. Have a lovely week ~ Mickie.

  16. I love your latest signs Betsy! They are each unique and great in their own way.

    catching you!

  17. I missed this post and love your signs. Dang, I wish I could make it to one of your shows sometime. Maybe next time we are down that way I'll get lucky and you will be having one somewhere in the vicinity.

  18. Now I'll be looking for picket fence boards! All of your signs are great.... love the coffee sign and the jadeite mug!

  19. Awesome signs - you always do such a professional job.


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