Friday, May 29, 2015

The Coffee Station Labor of Love

I knew the small-ish rustic workbench I found at a flea market last month would make a perfect side table as long as I kept focusing on the finished product.  My first thought was to replace the ugly top with vintage yardsticks, but I only had about half of what I needed.  Plan B was to paint the whole thing and dress it up with one of the Old Sign Stencils from Funky Junk Interiors.

Repurposed work bench coffee station
I'm pretty darn happy that I didn't have enough yardsticks to cover the top; I'll just save them for a smaller project.

Here's the mess I started with:
repurposed work bench coffee station
Don't lose your lunch. I know it's bad. Real bad.  Here it is in the parking lot at the flea market right where I found it. The plywood top was peeling and rippled, the legs were a mess, the top was screwed on from underneath with the screws poking out of the top in all four corners. Ouch!  Lots of grime, spider webs, and lots of chunky splinters. What the heck...for $8 it was worth a try. 

rustic homemade workbench DIY coffee station trash to treasure
Chunks of plywood were peeling off the top, so I decided to flip it over and use the other side. I love the slot that was originally used to hold hammers and other tools.

rustic homemade workbench DIY flea market trash to treasure
I wanted to keep the industrial look of the legs, but they were such a mess. I taped off the wood, then painted the legs with Rust-Oleum metallic aluminum spray paint. The wood was painted with two coats of AS chalk paint in Old Ochre. Then it was time to turn this old workbench into a coffee station. I used the Coffee stencil that Funky Junk Interiors sent to me to try out. It was just the extra character it needed!  Clear wax was applied to the wood surfaces.

DIY repurposed hardware vintage trash-to-treasure
I attached an old drawer pull to each end for hanging some extra stuff.  Almost everyone thought these were drawers. 

trash to treasure flea market finds
Keeping with the industrial vibe, I replaced the protruding screws with bolts and washers. 

jadeite coffee mugs vintage hooks
A couple of old hooks in front are perfect for hanging coffee mugs.

old sign stencils tea towel stencil
An inexpensive cotton tea towel was stenciled with the cup and coffee bean portion of the stencil, then heat set with an iron to make it washable. 

transform a junky old workbench into a coffee station

MySalvagedTreasures repurpose upcycle DIY stencil
I brought it to the Pleasanton Antique Fair last Sunday, and I'm happy to say that this labor of love coffee station found a happy new home.

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