Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekend Junking Finds

Is it really the weekend already?  I'm going to be at my mom's all next week, so I had to spend most of this week preparing for a big antique show I have on the 24th.  It really doesn't matter how pressed for time I get, I still can't resist a good country yard sale or an antique show.

Weekend junking finds
This is what I brought home from the country sale, plus a ton of dirt that took me quite a while to clean off.  After I took these pictures, I stenciled the two galvanized buckets, added a magnetic jewel to the orange dust pan, and made signs with the bread board in the back and the cement trowel inside the bucket.

stenciled handmade tool carrier
I used a cheapo craft store letter stencil to add a little more charm to the huge chippy yellow tote.  I wasn't sure what to do with the antique plane until I stood it up and realized I could hang something from that foot.

Who you lookin' at?  They seemed a little annoyed with all the cars and people who were interrupting their feeding time. 

I behaved myself on Sunday at the Lodi Antique Faire and came home with my shopping
cart only half full.  
Victorian cruet set
I treated myself to the Victorian cruet set because it was dirt cheap and about 1/4 of the price of the shiny one next to it.  I'll take the tarnish!  One of the beautiful cut glass bottles is missing part of the top, but I'll probably just end up putting flowers in it.  I couldn't resist the rusty wrought iron pieces from an old fence and the vintage metal price tag holders.

I'm always hunting for bits and pieces of rhinestone jewelry and vintage buttons.

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