Friday, June 12, 2015

Junky Lamp Parts Cloche

I've been accumulating old lamp parts for quite a while now.  Nothing is off limits because no matter how ugly the lamp, there's always a way to beautify it or to create something completely different with the parts.

Junky Lamp Parts Cloche
So simple!  My kind of project.

Junky Lamp Parts
Only two main ingredients were needed: a painted and distressed base that once belonged to a frightfully ugly lamp, and a chippy light guard cover from a gymnasium.  That other miscellaneous lamp part will be the subject of another post.

repurposed lamp parts DIY trash to treasure
A perfect marriage.  

repurposed lamp base trash to treasure cloche
A small raised lip on the lamp base holds the light cover in place.
I added a handful of dried moss for a pop of color and to cover up the holes in the base.

vintage DIY trash to treasure lamp parts cloche
Then I topped it off with an antiqued silver filigree and a rhinestone earring.

lamp parts DIY upcycled repurposed
The cloche was the perfect size for showing off a magnetic picture/card holder I made with old lamp parts and a bolt.  You can see that tutorial here.

cloche salvaged lamp parts repurposed
A card stock bird is perched on top and held in place by a magnet.  I found the pattern for the bird in Country Living Magazine a few years ago; unfortunately the link I saved is broken.

upcycled lamp base repurposed gymnasium light cover
I still have one light guard left to play with, so hopefully I'll be able to find another base.

A few more of my junky lamp parts creations:

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